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LLC "Bioconsulting" - an independent research company that combines scientific experience and research capacity of the leading medical and biological institutions and organizations of the Middle Urals. The main direction of scientific activity of our company is the development of theoretical and methodological foundations of security using and studies of the effectiveness of medical use of induced pluripotent stem cells and stem cell technologies. The company "Bioconsulting"  is an accredited shared center of Technopark "Skolkovo". We carry out a complete cycle of drugs based on small molecules, namely design, development, pilot or industrial organic synthesis, screening, pre-clinical and clinical studies, establishment of a registration dossier.

The main activities of the company are:

  • Registration of drugs, preparation and submission of the registration dossier.
  • Toxicological and preclinical studies of drugs.                                                                        
  • Clinical trials of all phases, development of protocols of clinical trials, selection and monitoring clinical centers, writing reports on clinical trials.
  • The registration studies of veterinary drugs.
  • Drug development. Computer design of small molecules based on predetermined affinity receptors and enzymes.
  • High performance and complex toxicological screening of potential drugs on animals and cell cultures.
  • Development of theoretical and methodological foundations of the safety and efficacy of cellular technologies.
  • Analysis of venture projects in biotechnology.
  • Chemical analysis and chemical synthesis. We carry out chemical synthesis of experimental batches of organic compounds in accordance with the spatial formula; we are developing methods of production of commercial batches of organic compounds.
  • Development and validation of methods of production control, the establishment of the shelf life of substances and drugs.
  • The audit and certification of research laboratories and pharmaceutical industries for compliance with GLP and GMP.
  • Development of software for the automation of laboratory science experiments.

All work is done in accordance with the quality system ISO / IEC 17025 by experienced staff using modern equipment. LLC "Bioconsulting" organizes audit in conjunction with the ACS Registrars and The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for certification to research laboratories and pharmaceutical industries for compliance with international standards GLP and GMP.

In "Bioconsulting" experts of a high level, with certificates in all areas. 15 specialists have scientific degree.

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